State of ModelOps 2022

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The ModelOps Market is Evolving. Fast. 


To get a look at where teams are now, and where the market is heading, Corinium, in partnership with ModelOp, recently did an extensive survey of AI-focused executives. The State of ModelOps report offers compelling insights into the big challenges, trends, and strategies that are emerging.

Following are a few of the key highlights:

  • 86% of respondents say company executives are demanding answers about the return on their AI investments—but only 38% say they can provide them.
  • Only 5% of respondents say they have full visibility into the models that are in production across the enterprise. 
  • 100% of respondents now have dedicated budgets for ModelOps—up from 51% in 2021.
  • 80% say a lack of staff with the right skill sets is creating challenges, and that number grew 10% from the prior year.


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